Acne Treatment Face Cream Salicylic Acid
Acne Treatment Face Cream Salicylic Acid
Acne Treatment Face Cream Salicylic Acid
Acne Treatment Face Cream Salicylic Acid
Acne Treatment Face Cream Salicylic Acid
Acne Treatment Face Cream Salicylic Acid

Acne Treatment Face Cream Salicylic Acid

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Product name: AuQuest Salicylic Acid Acne Treatment Cream

Main effect: Smooth skin, Shrink pores, Oil control, Anti-acne

Are you suffering from facial skin problems?

- rough pores

- oily skin

- blackhead and acne

Specialized formulary, repair skin

1. Inhibit extra oil and acne

2. Shrink pores

3. Smooth skin


Unblock pores, effectively peeling aging skin, help skin metabolize regularly, improve acne.


Repair cuticle layer, block moisture in deep skin, strengthen skin barrier.


Hydrate and moisturize, smooth skin.

Pimples can be divided into blackhead and whitehead. When sebum cannot regularly eliminate from skin, it will accumulate on the surface and thus form blackhead and whitehead. Aalicylic acid can unblock pores and control oil while it can remove aging cuticle and improve acne, because with fat solubility, it can better act on follicles than hydroxy acid which is water soluble.

Before - rough pores, blackhead and pimple

After 1 week - pimple reduced

After 2 weeks - pores shrunken

After 4 weeks - skin becomes tender and smooth

0.3 Salicylic acid, shrink pores in 7 days .Gentle and not stimulated. Suitable for sensitive skin.

Press design, clean and hygienic



1.After cleaning, press the bottom of the tube to apply appropriate cream;


2. Apply to whole face skin and T-zone can be applied heavily.


Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Elbert Ziemann

I never thought I would be a lucky enough person to post a review like this, but this product saved my skin! I struggled with painful red acne on my cheeks and chin and poor skin texture from blackheads and some scarring. My skin type is Normal/Combination. I hope my use effect can help you! I need more people to know about this product! ! !

Mariah Moen

I used it exclusively for almost two months before returning to leave a review; this product saved my life! I have seen visible results in 14 days of using this and I will buy this product over and over again. I just like it! !

Tomasa Bahringer

I am a 34 y/o with acne prone skin. I've struggled to keep my skin clear since age 14. I wish I would have found this sooner. Thr photo attached is with NO makeup. Not only is my skin clear, but also shiny and glowing. I use this in the morning and at night. I am also using it to fade surgery scars (some keloids as well) it is working so much better than scar cream! I already bought a 2nd bottle.

Lennie Doyle

They fast and well packed, just hope it really works

Samson Zieme

I have been struggling with a breakout on the side of my cheek for almost a year. I decide to try this cleanser and I wish I had taken a before picture to show the difference. I am on day 9 and the breakout is fading and finally clearing up! I have sensitive skin and I had no issues.



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